Dear Vision Muscat Team,My sincere thanks to vision muscat team for the tremendous support provided in getting my Australian PR (Skilled Independent visa, Sub class 189). I want to express my sincere thanks individually to Mr. Aslam, Mr. Zubair and Mr. Mohammed for their help.I found vision muscat to be transparent, professional and supportive. I appreciate all your efforts in my success. Many thanks for inspiring me at each level of the process and appreciate your exceptional work. I strongly recommend vision muscat to all aspirants who wish to migrate overseas.Regards

Riju Dony

Just wanted to take a monent to thank you for your kind efforts and your professional guidance towards the successful Australian (subclass 175) visa grant for me and my family. Your role in our case was far more than what I had expected from a migration consultant, as you not only provided us with perfect guidance in most peculiar situations, but also, the positive attitude and the emotional support you extended towards us were priceless as it kept us motivated and committed to our lengthy visa application process which demanded lots of waiting and patience. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and I would highly recommend you to anyone who seeks migration to Australia.Thank You!

Best Regards,
Agha Asif Raza

We were very impressed by the efficiency with which Vision Muscat handled our immigration case. Most communication was via email and in person meetings and all of our concerns, however minor, were promptly addressed and in a timely manner. In addition to his efficiency, Mr. Mohammed provided us with the confidence and support when needed. His structured approach with checklists made it easy to prepare everything in an efficient way. His guidance and expertise made our whole process efficient and less stressful than it would have been otherwise.”

Anil and Krystal George, Muscat

I have now successfully obtained my PR to Australia. But none of it would have been possible without the help and cooperation from the team at Vision Muscat.I found their approach very methodical and clear. The list of requirements was clearly explained and the documents were processed immediately upon receipt. I was always encouraged to ask any questions that I may have regarding the process.

The entire process took a year but it felt much shorter as I had little to do apart from following clear instructions from Mohamed.

Thank you

Amar George

Hello Mohammed, Sorry that I have not been able to get in touch with you all this while. Partly due to settling down issues and coupled with the fact that I got a job with GE just about 2 weeks after our landing. It’s been great since then. Thank you immensely for your efforts in ensuring that our PR came out successfully. I was so impressed with your service and I have actually referred 2 people to you, I hope you were able to help them as well. And I will still recommend more!

Regards to your team.

Akinsola Oyemade

I have found Vision Muscat Consultancy to be very professional, approachable, encouraging as well as reliable in my dealing with them that led in getting my permanent residence status to Australia at the right time. The vast experience of Vision Muscat Consultancy and the depth of knowledge in dealing with ACS, state sponsorship and the Department of Immigration was very instrumental in getting my 176-State Sponsored Visa for me and my family. From my experience with Vision, I would definitely recommend to all who have a desire to migrate to Australia, to feel assured that you can get a genuine client relationship as well as meeting your expectations.

Rajeev Abraham.

Vision Muscat is business for the people. They were repayable and honest what amount to pay for them that it’s worth more than twice. That’s why we were lived in Darwin Australia.

Ranjan Susantha

My wife and I have were considering migration to Australia for many years and whenever we visited a migration consultant the reply was always a unclear and frustrating “let’s give a try”. Dealing with Vision Muscat was such a pleasant experience and it was done so fast. To put in brief their service was quick, accurate and professional. I have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone interested in migration.

Danielle & Leon De Zilve.