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We are a dedicated migration consultancy service company with vast experience in assisting prospective applicants to become successful immigrants from the GCC, Indian sub continent, Northern Africa, Asia and various parts of the world. We ensure that each applicant is provided with quality assistance with no hassles in accomplishing the dream to migrate to Australia or Canada into a reality. We are proud of our high success rate at a very low turnaround time. We care for human management and all our staff are well trained to provide correct up to date consultation and guidance.

We fully understand that immigrating to another country is a major and one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It affects your life and those who are closely related to you. At the same time, the immigration procedure is dynamic and subject to frequent changes. It is therefore important that you seek professional assistance. As a friend and guide, we will assist you in this journey by offering best services.

Our Australia clients are represented by Registered Migration Agent (Migration Agent Registration Number: 1171399). Registered Migration Agents must adhere to the professional standards, as set out in the Code of Conduct. You may download a copy of the Code of Conduct from OMARA website here. Our Canadian clients are represented by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) Consultant. Migration rules are complex & frequently changing, therefore:

  • A competent agent can make the whole process simple and easier.
  • Careful assessment by an agent before lodging an application saves time, cost and effort.
  • Choosing a correct category is important. It increases the chances of acceptance greatly.
  • Significant application fees and associated costs are involved. It can also take long time to process. Having a competent, experienced and honest migration agent can save a great deal of time and the chance of a successful outcome.
  • An agent will also follow up with the processing office after lodgement to minimize delays and comply with documentation process and will keep you informed of the changes.
  • Correct documentation is required for a successful outcome and an experienced agent can ensure this requirement and many more.


  • We will be your guide from the concept to completion of your migration process.
  • We provide free and fair consultation to determine your eligibility to migrate to Australia or Canada.
  • We prepare your application; liaise with relevant authorities at each step of your application process till the end.
  • We assist our successful clients in job search. We liaise with many placement/ recruiting companies in Australia, and Canada to help in getting good jobs.
  • We provide detail knowledge about Real Estate to purchase/ rent house before you arrive in Australia or Canada.
  • We provide Induction programme before you leave to your destined country.
  • We provide latest update about housing, job, education and other legal formalities in Australia and Canada.


  • We are highly professionals in the field of Immigration with vast experience.
  • We practice our profession according to law and obey the code of conduct.
  • We are honest and competent. Large number of applicants have migrated through us, which vouch for our past success.
  • We do it once and the best way.
  • We do not hatch on your application. Rather, we ensure lowest turnaround time.
  • High quality service, reasonable fee.
  • Readily contactable and ever receptive to all enquiries.
  • Our staff consists of multi disciplinary team of specialists.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Professionalism, diligence and high degree of integrity and commitment