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Various visa options
Australia is one of the top-most popular migration destinations with attraction of good weather, education and a high standard of living, along with steady growth.


Various visa options
Canada is the second largest country in the world. There are many reasons to make Canada your home


L-1a, E-2, EB-5 visa
The United States has the greatest number of immigrants of all countries in the world. Being an economic powerhouse, it is a perfect place for business owners & Investors.


Investment-based Residency
Latvia is a hidden gem in Europe. A Schengen country with excellent standard of living. It offers one of the most less expensive Investment-based Residency Permit


We are a 15+ years old migration consultancy service company with vast experience in assisting prospective applicants to become successful immigrants from the GCC, Indian sub-continent, Northern Africa, Asia and various parts of the world. We fully understand that immigrating to another country is a major and one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It affects your life and those who are closely related to you. We ensure that each applicant is provided with quality assistance with no hassles in accomplishing the dream to migrate to Australia, Canada, USA or Latvia into a reality. We are proud of our high success rate at a very low turnaround time. As immigration procedure is dynamic and subject to frequent changes, as a friend and guide, we will assist you in this journey by offering best professional services.

Our clients for Australia migration are represented by Registered Migration Agent (Migration Agent Registration Number: 1171399). Registered Migration Agents must adhere to the professional standards, as set out in the Code of Conduct. You may download a copy of the Code of Conduct from OMARA website here. We can assist in various visa categories to Australia including Skilled Migration (Subclass 189, 190, 491), Skilled Graduate (Subclass 485), Family Visas (Partner/ Child/Parent /Contributory Parent visa); Employer Sponsored visas (Subclass 482, 186), Business Investment visas (Subclass 888, 892), Resident Return Visa, Visitor visa, Student visa, Etc.,

Our clients for Canada migration are represented by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (Membership Number: R508780), a member of good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). We can assist in various visa categories to Canada including Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Family Sponsorship, Visitor Visa, Student Visa, Business/Entrepreneur/Investor category, Etc.,

Our clients for United States migration are represented by an US Attorney (Wisconsin State Bar Membership Number: 1064374), having extensive experience on business immigration law to the United States of America. We can assist in following visa categories: Non-immigrant Visas: E-1 for Treaty Investors, L-1a for intracompany transfers of executives or managers, H-1b for specialty occupations. Immigrant Visas/Green Cards: EB-1C for multinational executives or managers, EB-3 for Permanent workers in "other workers" (unskilled) positions, EB-5 for investors in job-creating business ventures.

Our Investor clients for Latvia are represented by a Latvia Lawyer, having good hands-on experience in assisting with all paper-work from assistance with Investment options to initial settlement in Latvia. We can assist in various Investment option to Latvia including Business Investment, Government Bonds, and Real Estate Investment.


We will be your guide from the concept to completion of your migration process

We provide fair and correct consultation to determine your eligibility to migrate to Australia or Canada

We prepare your application; liaise with relevant authorities at each step of your application process till the end.

We will guide you with documents checklist and advice alternate documents in lieu of missing documents.

We will guide you in case of Interviews and conduct mock interviews to fully prepare you with most appropriate answers and boost your confidence.

We assist our successful clients in job search. We liaise with many placement/ recruiting companies in your destination country to help in getting good jobs.

We provide detail knowledge about Real Estate to purchase/ rent house before you arrive in Australia, Canada, USA or Latvia.

We provide Induction programme before you leave to your destined country.

We provide latest update about housing, job, education and other legal formalities in your destination country.


We are highly professionals in the field of Immigration with vast experience.

We practice our profession according to law and obey the code of conduct.

We are honest and competent.Large number of applicants have migrated through us for our past success.

We do it once and the best way.

We do not hatch on your application. Rather, we ensure lowest turnaround time.

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Our staff consists of multi disciplinary team of specialists.

Quick turnaround time.

Professionalism, diligence and high degree of integrity and commitment.