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Post Landing Services

Post Landing Services

Once you have acquired your visa, whether it is a Permanent Residence visa, Student Visa, or any other type of visa, the next challenge is a smooth transition to Australia. Many of us have no contacts or very limited contacts in Australia, while some do not wish to take support from others and want to move on their own. Well, in that case, we are here to provide you with complete assistance in your initial settlement in Australia from the very start.

Our post landing services are available to anyone, including those who are not a client of Vision Muscat / Migrate Visa Consultancy Services. If you have used the services of some other Migration Agent, you can still feel free to contact us and we will be glad to provide our services to you and your loved ones.


Before you decide on moving to Australia, it is important that you seek answers to some of the important questions such as:

We, at Migrate Visa Consultancy Services based in Melbourne, Australia provide in-depth knowledge and assistance in all the above. Based on your education, work experience, family composition, community influence, we make a customized report for you on real ground scenario. We will talk to you face-to-face on a live Webinar and answer all your questions.


Once you have finalized to move and confirm your travel dates, we offer following services upon your arrival in Australia, including:

We offer wide range of post landing services that suit your budget and requirement as follows:
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