CANADA: Fingerprints and Photo (biometrics)

Starting from 31 July 2018, applicants from Middle East, Europe and Africa applying for Permanent residence visa, Visitor visa, a Work or Study permit, or Refugee or Asylum status will be required to give biometrics. This will apply to applicants from Asia, the Americas and Asia Pacific from 31 December 2018 onwards.

There are few exemptions among which, children under the age of 14; applicant over the age of 79; and temporary resident applicants who have already undergone biometrics in relation to a permanent resident application which is still in progress.

For visitor visa, study and work permit applicants will be required to give biometrics once every 10 years. However, permanent residence applicants will be required to provide biometrics irrespective of whether he/she has given biometrics in the past in relation to a different permanent resident application or a visitor visa, study or work permit application.

It will cost CAD$ 85 for individual applicants. Maximum total fee of CAD$ 170 for families applying together at the same time.

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