AUSTRALIA: Upcoming changes to South Australia – Chain Migration

South Australia offers a unique opportunity to close relatives seeking South Australian state sponsorship to apply under ‘Chain Migration’ pathway wherein, the applicant need not worry if their nominated occupation is not listed in the SA’s state nominated occupations list but can still apply if it is available in the SA’s Supplementary Skilled List.

 Starting from 01 July 2018, few important changes are going to take place as mentioned below:
  • The only visa subclass option will be a Provisional 489 visa.
  • The family member living in South Australia must now have resided in South Australia for at least 2 years.
  • The family member in South Australia must continue to be a permanent resident, Australian citizen or the holder of subclass 489 visa which was nominated by South Australia.

The overall changes make this pathway more strong and successful in meeting the very objective that the sponsored relative is committed to South Australia and is genuinely looking to settle with or close to the sponsoring relative who may also be helpful to the sponsored relative in acquiring employment, integration and to be a part of the growing economy.

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